9 to 5

Aleks set sail on her journey into financial services when she moved to the UK in 2004 and landed a job in a back office of a large general insurer. There, she heard about the magic of financial planning and started taking exams.

After working her way up in several companies, Aleks decided to channel her passion for paraplanning by setting up Navigatus, an outsourced service that supports financial planners and shows them how to free up their time. Her aim was to help clients and focus more of their energy on what they love the most – speaking to their clients.

Clocking off

Aleks loves spending time with her teenage daughter, who is full of creative ideas and optimism about the world. Watching her grow into a strong and independent woman is a real privilege.

Aleks is a keen crocheter and loves to unwind after a busy day by working on another blanket while listening to the next chapter of an audiobook, occasionally supported by a glass of red wine…

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