How we work

There’s no all-encompassing “right” way of doing things. We shape things to fit how you work.

Trust our strategy

How we work is simple. Our services and processes are designed to fit with the way you work. We’ll spend time with you, on the phone or via video call, to understand how you run your business, look after clients, and what you want to achieve from outsourcing. It’s a truly collaborative approach.


Where our partnership begins

You’ll need to get your thinking cap on for our first meeting. Lots of questions will be asked that you haven’t been asked before. It’s not just a case of handing over some paperwork and away we go.

As time goes on, we become part of your team. But don’t worry, we won’t be expecting any invitations to your Christmas party!

What you can expect is support that goes beyond writing reports. We will always be available to discuss potential cases, answer technical queries, and be there for an all-important second opinion.


Time to crack on

Once you have sent us a case, we will review the information provided and let you know if we can make a start, then provide an expected turnaround. If anything is missing, the clock doesn’t start ticking until we have the outstanding bits.

In reality, you will have some cases that need to be dealt with quicker than others. There will be deadlines, expiry dates, tax-year ends, and clients going on holiday. Life happens. We get it. We proactively manage deadlines and priorities so that those cases that need to be turned around faster are picked up before those that can wait a little longer.

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