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Simon Weldon, Weldons Wealth Management Ltd

"Weldons Wealth Management Ltd is a small single RI business. As sole Director I want to focus on delivering a top financial planning service to a limited number of clients. Time is a limited resource for me, so I try and outsource everything that is not directly client-facing. Although I have access to paraplanning services via the compliance network I subscribe to, this still puts the onus on me to prepare the Suitability Reports, and I do not have sufficient demand to employ someone in-house with the right level of expertise. The solution for me is an external paraplanning service that could take the information from my Discovery process and create a professional and compliant narrative. Navigatus is not just another paraplanning service. I have used other services in the past, but I have not felt confident the output has been of the highest quality. The team at Navigatus is led by a Chartered Paraplanner, and that gives me confidence that the reports are of the highest compliance standard, exceeding the minimum expectations of the regulator. But Navigatus does more than prepare reports. As a customer, Weldons has access to a very high level of technical financial planning knowledge, which as a smaller business, is very valuable to me. We all have our areas of expertise, and it is reassuring to know I have another organisation willing to input into the services I provide my clients. Navigatus is also always willing to go the extra mile when you need something delivered urgently. It very much feels like an extension of Weldons rather than an external bolt-on. Using Navigatus has given me the freedom to focus on my original goal - seeing clients and delivering a top financial planning service. Crucially, I feel the input from Navigatus ensures Weldons is more than meeting its regulatory requirements in this area."