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James Watts, DC Pensions & Investment

"We thought it best to outsource our paraplanning requirements as it provides a known cost for new advice and a brilliant additional layer checking the advice process and providing the required file evidence. Working with the team at Navigatus means we can have the benefit of review of the advice, checking suitability, making suggestions, and providing the evidence for the advice. Tailoring the report to our requirements and branding make it a seamless process. We have been able to confidently provide sound advice to our clients with the backup and service provided by Navigatus. Whilst they are a separate business, Navigatus are an integral part of our team. I would wholeheartedly recommend the services of Navigatus. The entire team are focused on the client and ensuring that the service is efficient and tailored to our and, most importantly, the client needs. They are passionate about good compliant outcomes for all clients."