Employee benefits and group schemes

This is not our area of expertise, therefore we would rather not get involved. This includes auto-enrolment. If you’re looking for support in these specific areas, please email us and we may be able to put you in touch with somebody who can help.

Compliance support

While our job is to help you stay compliant, we are not a substitute for a compliance support service. We are happy to work with your compliance provider to make sure the work we carry out for you meets their specific requirements.

Direct contact with your clients

We don’t attend client meetings or make any direct contact with your clients. We rely on your meeting notes, fact finds and our conversations with you to get the full picture of your clients’ circumstances.

Financial advice

Although Aleks is a Chartered Financial Planner, Navigatus is not authorised to give financial advice. Any advice given to your clients is your responsibility and is covered by your own indemnity insurance.