What we do

Suitability report writing

This is our key area of expertise and probably the main reason you are looking for a paraplanner. We pride ourselves on writing highly personalised reports. And we even enjoy it!

Over time, we aim to adapt to your style and your preferred way of presenting your recommendations.

A creative approach to problem-solving

Paraplanners have many superpowers. Finding creative solutions to complex financial planning conundrums is one of them. A case often needs a fresh pair of eyes to spot a different way of dealing with the same problem. As outsourced paraplanners working with different advisers, we have been exposed to a range of client scenarios, we have dealt with a number of products and providers, and we’ve seen an array of solutions being applied.

An opinion and a second pair of eyes

Our clients value us not only for our technical knowledge and the ability to translate complex scenarios into easy to understand action plans but also for our opinion. If you’re looking for our take on the proposed solution or the most efficient way to deal with a particular case, we will be happy to provide an unbiased view. In fact, we’ll throw it in at no extra cost.

We have found that our smaller clients, especially those who work on their own, find the ability to pick up a phone and discuss a case and various ways of approaching it particularly helpful.

Business support services

If you are looking for a more complete support package, we can offer a bit more than research and report writing. Our Navigatus Bespoke service includes the following:

  • Preparation of application forms and new business submission
  • All aspects of day to day client administration
  • Help with client reviews and preparation of client valuation reports

And much more

Existing clients have tapped into our diverse expertise to address an array of needs and solve a range of problems. Some of the ways we have helped include:

  • Platforms and product provider due diligence
  • Content and design of internal and client-facing documents
  • Design and implementation of internal research and administration processes
  • Consultancy services and bespoke project work