We have moved

Navigatus opened for business in May 2017, and for the first six months operated, like many start-ups, from a spare bedroom – armed with little more than a laptop and ambitious plans for the future.

As our client base began growing, so did our confidence and with it our team. In June 2018, we took up a small serviced office managed by The Enterprise Network, an initiative led by the Wiltshire Council providing support to start-up businesses. We absolutely loved being part of the community created by TEN and benefited immensely from business support, on-site training and great facilities which allowed Navigatus to flourish.

With a team of three (soon to become four) and further expansion plans on the horizon, when an opportunity came up to move into a beautiful top-floor office located in a converted 19th-century brewery, we jumped at the chance. While only around the corner from our previous address, the new space is much larger and brighter, but just as quirky – a fitting reflection of the Navigatus team itself!

Having now settled in, and with our feet under our desks, we’re busy working on our many plans and making the remaining six months of 2019 as successful and fulfilling as the first six.

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We have moved
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